You live abroad and you don't speak Dutch.
You want to send a bouquet or just some flowers to a special friend or relative for a special occasion in the South of Limburg (The Netherlands), but can't find a shop that is willing or able to deliver your flowers.
Then please stop searching, because you already found the right place to be!
Bloemsierkunst Petra Eijssen (Geleen) can deliver your flowers at almost any time to almost any location in the South of Limburg.
Maastricht, Vaals, Geleen, Sittard, Margraten, Valkenburg, Heerlen or any other city, town or village, please send a mail message or even better, just give us a call (+31-611836319) and together we will surely find the right solution.

Funeral posies, sprays or wreaths, in our funeral gallery you can see some 30 examples of our funeral flowers. Of course there are lots of other possibilities, just give a call and we can discuss your wishes.

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Perhaps you've got a family-member who gave his life to liberate Europe in WWII and is burried at the World War II Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten.

Just call or mail Bloemsierkunst Petra Eijssen to create a special bouquet for your loved one on occasions like Memorial Day.

If appreciated, we can provide you with a picture of your flowers at the grave.


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